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Imagine being fully immersed in a world that isn’t our own, all through the power of a headset. That is the capability of the future in the forms of VR and AR. Both formats are still fully under development. However, there are forms of it publicly available in the form of games, cameras, and more. Find out more about how these technological developments can prove to be of massive benefit to your business below.

What is AR?

AR, or Augmented Reality, does as the title says. It augments or changes our reality to appear as something different through the power of technology. For instance, think of a pair of glasses, however, this pair of glasses turns a small plaza with stores in it to completely different ones! Or, Pokémon suddenly appear in your reality because you installed the app on your glasses.

What is VR?

VR, or Virtual Reality is like AR in a sense. However, this time, the reality is entirely virtual, and created through software applications and displayed through a headset. An example of this would be a Video Game world where you, the user, are fully immersed and can see through your own eyes what the software is producing. Current technological developments are also producing other senses such as touch in VR through special gloves.

What is the Metaverse?

By definition, the metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. In fiction, it is depicted in various forms, however, the most common of these is one, universal world where the internet is the host. Think VR headsets, but its not one single application. The metaverse would be accessed by specified terminals or a specific application. Advertising in the metaverse will soon, play a major part in your business and how successful it is.

How Will Businesses Advertise in VR and the Metaverse?

Businesses will most definitely be advertising in these future mediums such as the metaverse and VR; its more a matter of when they will begin to advertise there. Advertising in these mediums could be as simple as putting your business’ name on a billboard in the alternate reality or could be as complex geotargeted ads to your area, with a banner advertisement in a game on the metaverse. For example, Meta is already placing ads in the oculus space in VR.

Potential buyers of your product will also benefit, as you may be able to display a demo unit in virtual reality as well. You will be able to check out its size in appearance in three dimensions. This could even apply to services. For instance, a before and after of what your service provides (i.e. pressure washing, landscaping, etc.)

Another possibility is trying on a product in VR or AR. Try on a new pair of glasses, jewelry, clothing and more, and see how it looks on yourself before you buy it! This brings in many potential customers and will only improve product-based businesses. It’s a win-win scenario for consumers, and the business!

Businesses will also be able to have brand placement inside of the metaverse through virtual locations. An example of this would be a virtual Starbucks, where the menu is visible, and products can be had. It could also be possible to access the metaverse from a Starbucks!

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the future of technology, and we are only beginning to grasp the full potential of what is to come.

How VR & AR Will Change Advertising & Marketing

Virtual reality currently also has meeting applications as well, meaning you can meet new people in VR and make connections with others. This will only further your business opportunities. Another example is through the power of VR, you can walk through a house you are considering purchasing or renting, or a hotel room you’d like to stay in. VR will only save time, and money.

Users will also be able to create interactive advertising experiences such as what it would be like if they used their service (i.e. Taking a yoga class). The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to virtual reality!


Although virtual reality, and augmented reality have yet to be fully developed, they are quite a way along. They will change the way we advertise and cater products to consumers on an everyday basis. They will also change the methods in which we advertise to the consumer. The metaverse is going to open endless possibilities into how we interact with others over the internet. The upcoming advancements in technology are only going to change the world for the better, and it will only become more efficient for those small business struggling to get customers, as well as the large business conglomerates paying for advertising. After all, technology is the future!

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