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Introducing Facebook Reels

On Tuesday, February 22nd, Meta announced that Facebook has launched their short-form video format Facebook Reels, globally. Mainly in response to the popular social media outlets TikTok, and YouTube Shorts; Facebook plans to have Reels increase the daily active users on the platform. In the last quarter of 2021, Facebook saw its first ever decrease in daily active users from 1.93 billion to 1.929 billion. The introduction of Reels globally could be massive for the platform itself, with the possibility of the number of users skyrocketing, or at least being retained around the 2 billion mark.

What Is A Facebook Reel? Facebook Reels Length & Dimensions

A Facebook Reel is a short-form, 60 second or less vertically formatted video (9:16 aspect ratio). Reels are currently Meta’s fastest growing content format with video views currently making up 50% of the time users spend on Facebook & Instagram daily. In theory, Reels could extend this by a large margin.

How to post Facebook Reels?

The process is simple, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap create from the reels section on your Facebook feed
    • You can also tap the camera icon when viewing a reel!
  2. Add video to your reel
    • Tap the record button to record a new video
    • Tap the photo icon in the left corner to add video from your camera roll to your reel.
  3. Add Audio, text, effect, etc.
    • Tap their icons on the right side of the screen
  4. Tap next when finished.
  5. Write a description
  6. Choose an audience.
    • By default, it is set to public.
  7. Tap share reel to post!

What are the Features of Facebook Reels?

Remix: make a Reel utilizing another creator’s vision. The other Reel must be public, and existing on the Facebook website. When creating a remix, you may include all or part of another creator’s reel.

Drafts: Coming soon, you may tap the “Save as Draft” button below the “Save” button.

Clips: Soon, Facebook is planning to roll out video clipping tools that will make it easier to test different formats for creators.

New Facebook Reels Features

Reels in Stories: You can now share public reels inside of stories on Facebook. This makes it easy to share your favorites with the world, as well as friends, providing creators with additional visibility and reach. You will also be able to create new Reels from previously existing stories.

Reels in Watch: You will be able to watch Reels directly in the “watch” tab of Facebook. Meta is developing tools to easily create Reels in the watch tab as well.

Top of Feed: Meta is adding a new Reels label at the top of Facebook’s feed to easily be able to access and create Reels in just a few clicks.

Suggested Reels in Feed: In a few select countries, Meta is allowing suggested Reels that you may like directly in your Facebook feed from people you do not already follow.

Can I Make Money with Facebook Reels?

The short answer: Yes. Reels is crucial for creators on Facebook. Meta has now committed $1 billion to their content creators and is paying eligible creators up to $35,000 a month based on views for their qualifying Reels via their Reels Play bonus program.

This goes a long way for many creators and allows them to focus on Reels full-time. Meta has also stated that they are experimenting with new types and ways of advertising and are really pushing for creators to have meaningful income from their monetization offerings. These incomes also include non-intrusive ads, possibly increasing potential income. Meta promises to have their experimental advertisements implemented globally by mid-March.

The requirements to monetize your Facebook Reels are as follows:

  • Have 10,000+ followers
    • Have at least 5 videos posted
    • 600,000 total minutes of viewership in the past 60 days

You can sign up for monetization of Facebook Reels and check your page’s eligibility here.

Facebook Reels Ad Revenue Split

Facebook has stated that Reels ad revenue is split: 55% with the creator, and 45% to Facebook.

Source: Tech Crunch

Facebook Reels Overlay Ads

Beginning in select regions, Facebook is allowing semi-transparent overlay ads to appear in your reels. Not only this, but banner ads, as well as sticky ads can appear on your Reels. This allows for even more content creators to display non-intrusive ads that make them revenue.

Facebook Reels Overview & Summary

Facebook Reels is a brand-new feature to Facebook and will surely do as well as it has on Meta’s other popular social networking platform, Instagram. Facebook is a massive social platform and will only continue to grow with the new addition of Reels. With a fair monetization model for creators as well, Meta seems to have a fantastic handle on what creators desire in the space. Advertisements are non-intrusive, leading viewers to be retained for longer periods of time, and more likely to purchase a featured product. All in all, Reels is a fantastic feature for Facebook, and will only add to the platform’s already astounding success. Stay tuned for more information regarding Facebook Reels!

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