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Since 2005, YouTube has been the industry leader in creating long form online video content. Since then and as of recent years, they have introduced their competition to other social media platforms such as TikTok, and Instagram Reels called YouTube Shorts. As of late, YouTube shorts has been getting an astronomic number of views per short. This is in no question thanks to their algorithm, as well as featuring it on the homepage under recommended shorts.

Quick Statistics About YouTube

YouTube has been leading in the video industry for a long time, and that is all due to their innovation. YouTube shorts may just seem like a TikTok rip-off, but it truly is something special due to the sheer amount of attention it is receiving. YouTube has approximately 2 billion people on their platform using it monthly. Because of this, YouTube shorts receives 15 billion views daily, with more than 70% of the watch time of said shorts being through mobile.

This blows Instagram reels out of the water, a competitor to YouTube shorts. However, these numbers do compete quite well to the direct competitor in TikTok. TikTok has a monthly average userbase of 1 billion users worldwide as of 2022.

How is Money Made Using YouTube Shorts?

Content creators and brands can easily make money using YouTube shorts. However, not directly just yet. Through digital marketing campaigns and good advertising, YouTube shorts can attract a rather large userbase demographic and target it for your business. This narrows down people who are not really interested in your product or service, and attracts those that are, making them more likely to give you business. In short, yes, content creators and brands can make money off their YouTube shorts creations worldwide.

Directly making money from advertisements on your YouTube shorts is currently impossible. However, as stated above, it does not stop your business from producing revenue; just not directly yet. YouTube has since stated that this feature is coming soon and will make a large impact on the YouTube shorts ecosystem.

Currently, most businesses are making money by showcasing their products or services to hundreds of millions of active users daily. This not only shows off your knowledge of what your business does and entails, but also may answer some frequently asked questions about your product or service that your business is offering.

The Other Types of Content on YouTube

There are many types of YouTube content that can be created on the YouTube platform. This includes single posts, shorts, polls, community posts, and stories. Below you can find what each of them does.

Single posts showcase your product or service on an individualized level. Give tips on what to expect when somebody orders the product or service your business offers, red flags to watch out for with other businesses, etc. This helps build the trust of your target audience and it also shows your business is leading in its respective industry. Furthermore, it makes them lean towards you if they want to make a purchase.

Polls are a fantastic way to engage your target demographic and gather information at the same time. It hits two birds with one stone and is a great tool for figuring out what kind of content your business needs to create as a part of taking your digital marketing campaign to the next step.

Community posts are another great way to engage your current audience as well as appear to other users across YouTube. It shows you care about your clients, customers, and audience on YouTube, and leads the customer to ordering your product or service.

Stories are a means to display your milestones, achievements, and your journey to getting there. It is also a great way to show what you’re working on as a business, and future goals that are planned.

In conclusion, similar to Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts can be implemented in many other vertical video platforms. This includes but is not limited to: TikTok, Instagram Reels, Snapchat, etc. This allows for the reuse and repurpose of prior content your business worked hard to create. Not only does it save time, it expands your business’ potential audience.

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