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In 2003, LinkedIn became a giant in networking for many businesses and corporations, seeking employment, promotion, and other key topics. Deemed the “Facebook” of business, albeit being created previous, it allows employers and other companies to connect with each other using the internet. However, most people do not know of the corporate possibilities LinkedIn can provide a small business through advertising on the platform.

The Statistics at Large

According to the LinkedIn marketing website, the website receives a two times conversion rate on advertisements on the platform. With a very simple, yet sleek design, making an ad on LinkedIn has never been simpler. Just a few clicks, and a few minutes of a user’s time, and your ad is posted sitewide, towards targeted demographics. The process is rather simple and begins with the creation of an account.

As of 2022, LinkedIn has 756 million registered users worldwide, with 310 million being active monthly. Most of these users are between the ages of 25 and 34, being 60.1% of the current userbase of the website. Ideally, most business wish to capture this audience, making LinkedIn an amazing platform to do this on. LinkedIn is also the leading B2B marketing platform, having 96% of all organic social marketing.

Creating an Account

Just like many other social media platforms, LinkedIn requires an account to access fully. Enter details such as your first and last name into the registration fields, an email, and confirmation, and its complete! You now have a LinkedIn account and can begin posting advertisements and promotions for your business. Through LinkedIn’s UI interface, go through the menus and create an ad. Select a purpose for the campaign, select targeting criteria, a nice format, a budget and schedule, and your business’ advertisement is now live.

Some More Statistics

Did you know that 6 out of every 10 users on LinkedIn go on the platform for business insights? This provides the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your business through some of your own insight in your respective industry. A quick way to do this is through the B2B marketing platform as mentioned previously, or through procuring your own LinkedIn content for your business. In fact, 45% of all content readers on LinkedIn fall under the upper management category. This means that your business is more likely to be noticed by a corporation through LinkedIn.

Does Your Business Really Make Money From LinkedIn?

Now for the real question, how does your business make money on LinkedIn and why should I care? The answer is simple. Even though the advertisement may cost your business money, it should attract more users of LinkedIn to your business in the long run. Meaning that your business should see a profit on that advertisement investment, attracting more customers. It may seem pricey to advertise, however, having a lifelong customer for your business goes leaps and bounds over what the advertising itself may cost. Perhaps, just one customer pays for the advertising, and recommends you to other potential clients!

The Types of Content

Like other platforms, LinkedIn has various types of content that your business should be posting. To begin, articles are reflective content on LinkedIn that demonstrates leadership, and showcases your business in their respective field. It also allows you to express some personality and context for your business. Next, there is the single, and multi-image posts. These simply put are picture posts, that allows you to post items such as infographics in a place where they can be seen by others, and further your business. There are also video posts on LinkedIn, with both short form and long form formatting available. This is where you can truly nurture your profile and take it to the next level. Whether it be testimonials, or case studies, the video postings should have you covered for your business. Text-only posts may not seem like a good idea; however, it can do just fine on a platform like LinkedIn where people are looking for long, in-depth content. Polls allow for some insight into what your business’ audience may be looking for, as well as engages your audience to further improve your business. Lastly, stories allow for you to personalize your business’ LinkedIn profile further, and provide snippets, results, and other engagements in a quick, and easy manner.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, LinkedIn is a very powerful social media platform that allows for an outlet for your business. It allows you to demonstrate what your business is all about to another business, and quite possibly collaborate! It also attracts individuals to your business that may not otherwise know or see it in the wild. LinkedIn is a great platform, and I hope to see your business utilizing its potential very soon!

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