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As you may have been reading in our blogs, TikTok is blowing up. They just keep hitting, and now they’ve added a new feature: “Interactive Addons”. TikTok is describing it as a new way to encourage engagement with in-stream ads. More on this below.

What Does This Mean?

As seen in the video (see above), TikTok is providing the user with a CTA, or call to action if you will. This allows users to view your advertisements in a more interactive way. For instance, say a fitness studio has an upcoming event they would like to share among the public. Now with TikTok, they easily integrate that event into their ad campaign, by notifying the user via a countdown clock. Think Instagram, but in an advertisement. This among other features have just been recently added to the mix on the social media platform.

What Does This Mean for My Business?

As per TikTok, brand engagers are 350% more likely to visit the brand’s physical store or location, 150% more likely to purchase a product or service from the brand, and 40% more likely to visit the website or app. This is massive for small businesses, who are struggling or just trying to get their feet wet when it comes to digital marketing, and advertising.

A couple of real-life examples are Sour Patch Kids, which received a 136% click-through rate increase, and 30% more efficient cost per click with TikTok’s new display cards. Another instance of success was Singapore’s CPF Board. It drove in a 155% increase in click-through rate using countdown stickers to attract a younger audience into thinking about their retirement. Do note that these statistics are coming from TikTok themselves and may be slightly exaggerated. However, I do believe that the examples given are relatively accurate.

What Does This Offer Me?

Well, Glad you asked. At launch of this feature, TikTok is offering 4 standard interactive add-ons, and 2 premium ones, with one additional premium add-on on the way very soon. See the graphic below to get some more details from TikTok themselves.

Courtesy: TikTok

According to TikTok, their research shows that their users are 57% more likely to search for a brand and information about them online when they see a business on TikTok. Interactive add-ons only encourage the user to pursue this further, and act upon seeing your ad. This is massive as I said earlier for smaller businesses, or maybe even struggling ones.

TikTok was already a great place for businesses to advertise themselves, especially if they fit within a TikTok niche. However, as TikTok grows in popularity, so too do its niches, and other areas. Interactive add-ons are another step towards furthering your business and your next marketing campaign on TikTok. So, why not start now? Now that you know what TikTok’s new advertising features are about, and what it means for your business, why not give it a shot? You never know, your local business may become the next new hip thing!

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Sources: TikTok and SocialMediaToday.

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