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As the years go by, it gets harder and harder to have a good looking, professional profile page. A bio, banner, and brief description may not seem that difficult to many, it is the contrary. It is quite difficult to get your profile out there in front of thousands. Today, we will be going over a few tips that will help improve the visibility of your online presence, as well as making your profile look more professional! Find out more about this below.

Tip #1: Have the Same Handle on All Platforms

Now, this tip may seem redundant to some, but it really is a useful tip! Having the same handle on all the platforms you use (and even those you don’t) is incredibly powerful. It means users don’t have to go out of their way to find you on different platforms. For instance, say I found your company’s Instagram tag, and I want to find out more. However, more information is not available on Instagram, but on Facebook. Having the same handle, for instance @astrotechllc on Instagram, and /astrotechllc on Facebook makes the user not have to look very far, if at all. Their instinct would assume that you have the same handle as your Instagram on your Facebook. Not only is it free publicity for both platforms, but it also allows you to say things such as, see our Facebook page, and not be as specific or directly link it (even though you should!).

Tip #2: Use Some Emojis in the Bio!

This may seem unprofessional, however, people like emojis! It brings them in and allows them to relate to you on a more personal level. Having an emoji or two in your bio may tell a lot about your business in fewer characters than words would! This is extremely important in something like a bio, where having it short and sweet is ever important. An emoji can speak volumes over what words can on occasion, and this is especially true in something like a bio where words are limited, as with character counts.


Tip #3: Have Some Clean Looking Posts!

Having a profile populated with some good-looking posts is incredibly important. If there is one thing that deters me from checking out a company or Startup, its not having any content! Everyone must start somewhere, but you also must be willing to put in the hours to get your name out there and heard. Populating your profile is the first step towards that. For instance, if I go to your profile on Instagram, I want to be able to see some of your recent work. Having some posts to populate that empty void with something as simple as your latest product or service goes leaps and bounds beyond throwing out ads. If your ads are getting clicks, and you have nothing to show for it, what’s the point?

Tip #4: Have a Variety of Content Available

Many social media platforms have many different mediums of posting content. For instance, Instagram has stories, reels, videos, etc. Have a bunch of different kinds of these. The more different kinds of content you have, the more different kinds of people you will reach! Its ever important to have different kinds of content, especially since in different areas, different forms of content are more popular and relevant. For example, in Illinois, reels may be significantly more popular than stories, but it could be the opposite in Alabama. It all comes down to your market, and what’s important to you and your business!

There are many ways to go about social media marketing. Above, we listed some solid tips to improving your social media presence in a positive manner. Sometimes, it can be as simple as having the same handle on all the different platforms, even the ones you don’t really plan on using! Using some emojis also is helpful, as not only does it save characters in limited spaces such as a bio, but it also attracts the younger audience. Furthermore, having new, relevant, and clean looking posts is key to many businesses’ online marketing success. Lastly, having a lot of variety when it comes to your content creation is very important. Having all the different formats available for the user’s viewing pleasure is key. Increase those view counts, while spreading awareness of your business!

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