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When thinking about marketing on a social media platform, not many people think of Reddit. However, it is one of the most visited websites on the internet, averaging 50 million users daily. Advertisements are part of what keep the website running, and with how much traffic reddit receives, placing your company’s product there may be a good idea. Reddit is also a great place to attract a younger audience and form a community for them around your company’s niche.

Attracting a Younger Audience

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Most of Reddit’s audience is much younger than you think. 36% of Reddit’s userbase is between the ages of 18 and 29. This allows you to cater your business to a younger audience. At least in my experience, ads on reddit are quite effective, and I tend to remember them due to their size, and lack of intrusion to the experience while scrolling. The younger audience appreciates that and may consider your product. Younger people are always looking for the hip new thing. Just remember when advertising, keep what you are advertising relevant to the subreddit you’re advertising in!

Creating a community

Reddit is also a fantastic place to continue your community building as part of your business. Whether it be a small niche, or a massive product worldwide, many users will come looking for a subreddit regarding your product or topic. Owning this community and making it your own from the ground up is a fantastic idea and will only help to raise sales and grow. Having an established community also helps for releasing new products, as you already have a willing consumer base. Having a subreddit for your business is like free advertising, assuming people come there, and view certain topics and posts.

Targeting Competitor Subreddits

Another possibility on why reddit is a good idea for your business is advertising on a competitor’s subreddit. This allows for consumers who are not necessarily happy with their product to look for similar ones, or ones that do the same thing in your product or service! Personally, I find many competitors to products I am considering purchasing on reddit. For the consumer, competition is only a good thing, as it lowers prices, and increases quality. Targeting competitors and at least scoping out what they have to offer is a business fundamental and should not be taken lightly. Remember it is a marathon, not a sprint!


A very popular type of reddit thread is the AMA, or “Ask Me Anything”. This is where a member of your company will get on reddit and answer any question within reason! It’s a great, simple, and organic way to interact with a bunch of users en masse. Its effective and does not cost your business anything but time. Users tend to look for engagement and providing them the attention that the consumer deserves is quite important. An AMA is a fantastic way to accomplish this goal.

No Removal of Negativity

This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at is a company. In my opinion, it is a good thing, as it builds a bond and trust between consumer and company. Not being able to remove negative comments builds trust and allows for what could be a bad thing to be fixed in the future.  It also shows commitment to your community, by fixing and taking suggestions from reported issues.

Reddit is a well-established platform that is popular among younger males on the internet. In fact, 36% of the platform’s userbase lies within the age bracket of 18-29. This is not only great for attracting a younger demographic to your business, but for creating a community as well. Targeting business competitor’s communities for advertising is also a common strategy among businesses. The AMA and other forms of engagement are critical to the reddit platform and makes it unique, with many ways to engage and interact with consumers as well as users. Lastly, there is no removal of negative comments on reddit. This will build trust among consumers and users who are regulars on the platform. Overall, reddit is a great place to advertise and interact with a community that you as a business created! Try it today and see what happens!

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