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We already know that YouTube is a fantastic place to advocate your brand and business. The big hitting question for most businesses however is not how you advertise on the platform, but how do you make money on it? Today, we’ll be covering the monetization features and misconceptions of YouTube, and how your business can profit from YouTube.

Brand Placement on YouTube

Most companies know how to place advertisements and sponsorship deals with creators on the video platform. In case you’re not aware, its relatively simple to place ads on YouTube. Simply build a campaign, make a video, and go live with your campaign. This not only spreads word of your business but helps pay content creators on the platform too. Continue to use YouTube for brand placement, as well as content creation, such as unboxings, and how-to’s to promote your business. In addition, you can reach out to a content creator to come to a sponsorship deal. This is when YouTubers put your product directly in their video! Of course, they must state that it is an advertisement.

Sponsoring a Creator

Another method of attracting users to your product or service, is to pay a content creator to talk about it. They will most likely do an ad read that your marketing team provides to them, and they will discuss your product, and experience with it. Doing it this way, will usually only bring the positives to light, and is only great for your product.

YouTube AdSense

Creating content on YouTube can prove to be difficult. However, it does not go unrewarded. YouTube has a program for creators so that you may profit off your content created as well. Your account will be credited, and you will be able to withdraw funds for your business! However, the point here is to promote your business. Having minimal advertisements may be key to success, as the point is to promote your product and make money that way.

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More Views Equals More Money. True?

This is a very common misconception regarding the YouTube platform. Many people assume that the more views a YouTube video receives, the more ad revenue the creator will receive. This statement is only partially true. Your ad revenue is based off clicks on the ad, as well as ad view time. If the user skips the advertisement right away, you make minimal on the advertisement. However, you get paid more and more the user watches the ad, or if the user clicks on the ad!

Is YouTube Easy?

 YouTube is often considered an easy way out, or a get rich quick scheme. To put it simply, no, it is not easy to create content for profit or as a career on YouTube. This is the reality of things. The raw cost of production and effort involved only for YouTube to take 45% of your earnings is an uphill battle. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! In fact, your first few attempts at YouTube may not be successful. This is accurate for a lot of businesses, as well as individuals.

To wrap things up, YouTube is not an easy revenue stream. However, it can prove to be quite effective in what it does do for your business over time. The quality of your video advertisements will only rise with more practice, and your views will only climb over time. Remember that more views do not necessarily mean more income, but more attention. YouTube AdSense will also help you and your business get where you want to go by providing a 55% cut of ad revenue. Sponsoring a creator may prove to be a good idea for your business as well, placing your product in one of their videos! Lastly, straight up making an ad campaign on the platform may bring your business to the next level. Life is full of risks, and why not take one on YouTube?

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