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Facebook is a massive platform with many different mediums of posting. Whether it be reels, videos, images, a traditional post, etc. However, there are ways to improve your business transactions easily, and keep your regular customers up to date with ease. Look no further than this article, as Facebook groups will provide this way to keep interested and regular customers up to date via Facebook.

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How do Groups Work?

Facebook groups are relatively easy to set up. Meta, the company behind Facebook, has made sure of that. Simply click the create group button in the Facebook interface, and either set it to public, or private in the group settings. A group will allow you to keep your regular customers informed on new products and services your company is now providing, as well as a great place to keep them in the loop about other things your business offers. It is a great place to post how-to’s among other subjects, like unboxings of your product.

What Can I Post to My Group?

To put it simply, you may post anything to your Facebook group. Regular posts, reels, marketplace ads, etc. Anything available on the platform is usually able to be posted in your newly created group. These posts should promote your products to your customers or interact with them in some way. It is key to interact with your regulars as well, even if they haven’t been to your business’ location in a while.

I have my Group Set Up. How Do I Post and Invite to it?

Posting to the group is the exact same process as posting to Facebook in general. Just make sure you have admin (short for administrator) privileges for the group, and you’re good to go! If your group on Facebook is set to private, you may want to invite your regular customers, as well as employees. This is how membership to your Facebook group expands. People on the platform can request to join your group or ask for permission to invite to said group. Early on, it is a great idea to allow for members to invite their friends, as it is an easy way to get more attention on your business. Setting the group to public early on may also be a good idea if you’re just starting out.

Public, or Private? Which is better for my business?

For any business, a public group is most likely the route you should take for your business. Anyone that wants to join the group, may do so. However, if you are seeing an influx of bots and other spam in your group, it may be a good idea to temporarily set the group to private and whitelist (approve) only locals or potential customers to your group. Either way, your group will function properly. Keep in mind, your group will not expand nearly as fast on private though!

What’s With all the Spam? Should I make my group Private?

On Facebook, you can now review who is able to participate prior to them posting. This is fantastic for removing potential spam. An admin of your group can conduct the review, and either approve or decline the participation of the user in the group. Facebook has truly evolved with anti-spam measures, even if some spammers find a way through, it is easy to remove them from the group, so you never see them again.

A Sense of Community

The last thing I would like to touch upon is building a sense of community. After all, that’s what Facebook Groups are all about! Making a community for your business’ niche in the market is very important. Without this, nobody will be buying your product, and no word will spread about it! This is where Facebook comes in and creates that community. Users can share their thoughts and opinions of your business and more through your group! It will only bring people together and unite them under the same common interests!

Groups on the Facebook platform can seem intimidating at first. Especially if it’s the first group you are running! However, it is actually very simple to create, as well as manage. You can also allocate admin privileges to others to do those pesky tasks such as managing users and permissions for you! There are many ways to post to your group as well as interact with regulars, and potential customers. This can be done through video, livestream, marketplace ads, you name it! We also covered if your group is private, how to invite to it! That is the easiest way to avoid spam and scammers! Public groups are likely to give you the most traction on the platform, however, are not necessary, as anti-spam features exist for groups, just like yours! Facebook is a fantastic platform, and ultimately should be used by more businesses today to promote themselves. Lastly, its all about the community. Building a community for your business’ respective niche is key to success. Without a community of people, there would be nobody to buy your product!

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