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TikTok has had some interesting news as of late. Today, let’s dive right into some of it! Find out more below on the developments of TikTok.

TikTok Adds New Insights to its Creative Center Platform

About a week ago, TikTok added some new insights for their content creators to view. This includes key trends such as specific songs, hashtags, and where they are popular! This provides the content creator with an impressive amount of information. Not only will it give trending songs and such on the platform, but it will also break down things such as demographics (i.e. Male to Female, Tags, Location Trends) These detailed and advanced insights into the platform could very well change your content approach on TikTok. This will help not only personal use, but business use as well! Stay tuned for more on this feature!

TikTok Adds New Screen Time Breaks System

Along with new insights, TikTok has also added some other tools to help users manage their screen time, as well as encourage breaks if they want to opt in. Users may implement break reminders at 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes of scrolling on the platform. Users may also schedule them at certain time intervals. Users may also access a breakdown of their screen time on the app, and how many hours you’re watching trending videos on the internet. Isn’t that something? TikTok is also encouraging well being with an article being published. For users aged 13 to 17 years of age, there will be a reminder after they’ve used TikTok for 100 minutes in a single day.

TikTok Changes Ad Targeting Policies in Europe

In Europe, TikTok has been required for users to consent to advertisement personalization, as required by law. This has now slightly changed, and basically by using the app, you are now consenting. TikTok is basically using a technicality in the law to allow for this. With increasing pressure to increase revenue from advertisements, this is not surprising at all. This may also lead to an increase in ads overall on the TikTok platform. More on this to follow.

TikTok Launches Digital Avatars for Use in Clips

On TikTok, you can now create your own, personalized avatar to be used in your TikToks. It is now available in the “Effects” panel in the camera view of the application. The app is like the likes of apple’s Memoji, which has been around for quite some time now. The avatar will seem animated with responses to your real-life actions, making it an AR avatar. This could potentially play into the future ideas of the metaverse and more. It could also be monetized with clothing options, and more.

This week in TikTok has been quite eventful. From being able to access all new, detailed insights to digital avatars, TikTok has released a plethora of features. Additionally, they have added a screen time breaks feature, as well as changed some ad targeting policies in European nations. Overall, quite an eventful week for TikTok, and I am excited to see what is next for the social media platform.

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