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As we all know, the Internet and social media is an ever-changing place. With changes happening weekly, if not daily, its important to keep up with them. Keep up to date with what’s new on TikTok this week right here! Find out more below.

TikTok Successfully Migrates Data to US Based Oracle Servers

Courtesy: Oracle

To start things off, amid rumors that the Chinese government has access to user data on TikTok, the platform is acting against the rumors. As of June 17th, the company has announced that US users and data are completely migrated to Oracle Servers. In case you are not aware, Oracle, creators of Java, are a massive American company, with servers all over. With American’s data being kept local, users can be assured that there is no direct Chinese surveillance.  However, it may be safe to remain skeptical, as it has been leaked from internal meetings that the Chinese government may be perhaps collecting your valued data. Without a doubt, with the data now being on American soil, it will be harder for the Chinese to get a hold of the valuable information.

TikTok Launches Test of Viewer History

As the title suggests, TikTok is now in the testing phase of a new feature. How useful it is, is up to you. On the bright side, it will give creators at least some insight into who is watching their content. If a user, has it enabled, select creators will be able to see who amongst their followers is watching their content. While TikTok has confirmed that this is in testing, there is no official confirmation that this feature will ever be rolled out to the public, let alone further. TikTok used to have a similar feature, but it was discontinued early last year in favor of keeping things a bit more private for the average viewer.

TikTok Shares New Infographic Regarding User Purchases and Influence

As seen in the infographic posted, TikTok has some interesting information to share with us. As always, take it with a grain of salt. According to TikTok themselves, their users are twice as likely to recommend a product they’ve seen on the platform in comparison to other platforms’ users. This seems quite interesting. Perhaps TikTok’s userbase is easily persuaded? Who truly knows. Also according to TikTok, 37% of users on the platform are in the top third of spenders. Meaning, they are 61% more likely to spend according to TikTok’s marketing team. Lastly, 50% of users report satisfaction with their purchases seen on TikTok or involved in the customer journey in some way. Although it seems like a marketing ploy by the social media platform, TikTok could prove useful in your company’s online marketing endeavors.

From new features to data migrations, TikTok has had a busy week. Transparency is important, especially when you’re as large a company as TikTok. It ultimately was a smart move to move American Data to Oracle. This gives the growing American userbase TikTok has some security on where their data is. Being harder to access by the Chinese government is also a good thing for Americans all around. While it may seem a little lackluster, and just bringing an old feature back from the grave, it is something new from TikTok, showing viewer history in testing. Having it be an opt-in is also a great idea. Lastly, the infographic that TikTok’s marketing team has put together for the public has some quite interesting data in it. Mainly, the last piece of data they added to the infographic. That being 50% of users report satisfaction as part of their purchase with TikTok being a part of the customer journey in some fashion. Honestly, this was quite surprising, as if someone is satisfied with the product, most of the time, they don’t report it at all! Overall, interesting to say the least.

That’s all regarding TikTok this week. If you liked what you read, feel free to read some of our other posts here at Astro Tech. Have a great day!

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