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Websites are difficult to create, as well as maintain. We all know this. However, they serve a fantastic purpose, and can propel almost any business from a small local business, to a large one with hundred(s) of employees. Whether the business sell products, or provide a service, a website is ideal for both. Today, we will be focusing on businesses that provide service such as plumbers, renovators, roofers, and more. Without further ado, let us dive right in.

Why Does a Service Need a Website?

That answer is simple. It manages and reduces all the phone calls or texts you may receive. The younger audience, myself included, prefer a website that is especially nice and presentable. A website, put it simply is a fantastic way to advertise yourself, but also accomplish things for you, such as organize site visits, free quotes, and more. This will simply allow you to have more time to focus on doing jobs, and more important things for your business. Whether it be orienting a new hire, conducting an interview, so actually doing a job as said before. The process itself is simple when it comes to saving you time.

What Should Go on my Website?

Your website should primarily revolve around selling your service to the potential client, or viewer looking at your website. Showcase what your business is offering. For instance, if your business was a plumbing one, advertise how quick you can get a simple job done or share what kind of services you offer. For instance, you install toilets regularly. You can also provide something like a free consultation, or quote for the service you are going to be providing to the client. That way, the client knows what they are getting into, and are more likely to use you as a service, now, and in the future. Furthermore, post some videos and other media content such as photos of your business on the job. It may indicate and prove that you are there to work, and get the job done for the client. These of course are just a few examples of what one may put on their website. However, that is all up to you, the business owner!

What is the Process Like?

Photo by Lars Kienle on Unsplash

Assuming the website constructor has provided an email for you, potential appointments should be attached and emailed directly to you, and input into a calendar system, such as google. From there, just follow through with the appointment by giving the potential customer(s) a call! Its that simple on your end. In the modern world, everything on the internet has the potential to be automated. Consultation requests can just simply be emailed to you, and you can give them a date manually, and input it into your calendar. Or, you could have a list of available appointment slots, and the potential client can select their preferred date and time. This way, the appointment time works for both service provider, and client.

Website construction and design is not easy. However, a firm can help your business that provides a service a ton. For example, it can automatically set up site visits, free consultations, and more with the click of a button. Its that simple! Many things can go on your business’ website, but the most important is what you offer to your customer or client. For instance, if you were a renovator, show off some of your previous work so the client can see! Lastly, the process is automated, and assuming the website constructor did an excellent job on the site, you should have no issues organizing and running with it. You will have less phone calls, but more emails! The future is promising, and even more so with a website! Get your today!

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