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The most common method of selling something online, whether it be a service, or product, which is most definitely one of the most common types of websites out there. eCommerce has taken the world by storm, whether it be business conglomerates such as Amazon, or small businesses such as us, there is never a bad time to order a product with eCommerce. With a product being able to be ordered with a click of a button on the internet, it has never been easier to sell, or purchase products online. Find out more, how a good website can help your product-based business below.

Good Visuals are a Must

Look at it this way. If you saw an ugly advertisement in the newspaper or on TV, what would you do? I’d flip the page or mute the ad quite frankly. When working and developing your website, you want to it to be not only appealing, but eye-pleasing as well. Don’t just throw a wall of text on an ad and call it a day. Although giving the customer information is important, that can be done outside of an ad. Not only this, but good visuals are also needed everywhere on the site. Whether it be product pictures, your titles, fronts, etc. See some examples below.

Put Care into Product Pictures and Descriptions

In eCommerce, you’re selling a product. Hire a photographer and take pictures and put in the work for the photos to be pleasing. Even have them edit the photos if need be. It is becoming more and more important for businesses to be even more appealing, as the market is only becoming more and more competitive. With eCommerce being as competitive as it already is, people are going to stick to what they know. Unless, they have a good reason not to. This is where your business comes in. List what’s good about your product, through pictures and other means, and explain why it is better than your competitor. This can be done in a product description, or elsewhere.

Have a Nice Storefront with Clear Prices

As a customer, the last thing you want is to have to confirm the price on something online. It should be clear. Isn’t that one of the reasons you decided to purchase this item online, and not at a physical location? Online shopping may be convenient, but it at times can also not be very straightforward. Try to streamline the process as much as possible to make it easy for the consumer. Trust me, the easier it is to buy something, the better chance of getting a sale. Clearly outline the price, and have a nice simple, clean storefront to showcase all the products your eCommerce business sells. It may sound simple, but it truly isn’t. Elements (items) on a webpage get packed in very quickly, where it can get quite cluttered, and frankly, look extremely bad. If there is too much going on in a page, that is when it starts to decline.

ecommerce design inspiration
Courtesy: Bliss

 eCommerce is a difficult, and competitive field. Even though shopping online has never been easier, presentation is key. Without a good-looking website, you’re not going to get anywhere with your eCommerce business. Having great visuals and presentation is key to success, and without them, you are just going to fall on a run. Putting care into your pictures, meta descriptions, as well as product descriptions is also extremely important. Without these, nobody will look at your product! Lastly, your prices and other important details such as quantity, and size need to be clear, and labelled. Without this, there will be some added hesitation from the customer. Not only this, its just a bad business practice for eCommerce to not properly label a product. After all, you are selling the product, so its in your control!

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