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Technology and artificial intelligence are only evolving and learning more and more every day. This allows for some mundane, everyday tasks to be automated by technology and scripts. Tasks, especially repetitive ones can easily be automated through applications such as Zapier, IFTTT and CRMs. For instance, you can automate your social media post timing, or reminding the user to continue their purchase if you run an e-commerce website. Not only does this save time, but also money. After all, as experts say, time is money.

What is Task Automation?

To put it simply, task automation is the process of a machine or computer completing repetitive tasks, so a human doesn’t have to. There are many applications out there that will assist your business with creating these tasks to be automated, which we will see later in the article. Task automation will only propel your business in the right direction. The automation will allow you to focus on the more important tasks in your business’ day-to-day activities rather than being stuck doing the mundane, repetitive tasks that your business still requires somebody to do. This not only saves time, but human resources as well. In fact,

How Third-Party Applications Can Help Automate Repetitive Tasks

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There are many applications on the internet that can assist your business with the repetitiveness of administration. These applications include but are not limited to Zapier, and IFTTT. Various CRMs, such as Hubspot, and Salesforce also reduce time spent on admin for small businesses. Let’s dig a bit deeper and discuss each of these applications and services.

Zapier is an ease of access software that automates the interactions between separate software applications. For example, Zapier will be triggered when you receive an email on your respective service. It then sends the attachments to your cloud storage. Finally, it alerts you in an application of your choice such as slack, that you have new email attachments waiting in your cloud storage. Zapier is designed to build and establish workflows with ease and will only save you time.

IFTTT has a very similar concept to that of Zapier. However, where they differ is mainly in the user interface and design of the applications. For instance, both Zapier and IFTTT utilize a trigger then action system (i.e. If x happens, do y). Another example of how IFTTT could be used is taking an Instagram picture you posted on the platform, and automatically converting it to a twitter post! This saves you a bunch of hassle and allows you to focus on other things that require your business’ attention.

5 Types of Tasks That Should Be Automated in 2022

  1. CRM Tasks –
    Automating your CRM system is something not many businesses take advantage of in the modern day. Even though most systems have features to address this issue, the issue itself cannot be addressed if nobody utilizes the feature apparent. For example, many CRM systems give the option for you to set up meetings, calls and follow-up emails automatically! This saves a bunch of time and will only allow you to further forward your business.
  • Posting to Social Media –
    Social media can be a rather daunting task for some businesses. It may even get to the point where a business will hire a social media manager! Avoid the unnecessary expenses, and just automate the release schedule for your business’ social media pages! Other important automation that does not necessarily deserve its own topic is chat bots. Chat bots will provide instant responses to potential customers and recruits inquiring about your business. Make your life simpler at your business and begin automating social media!
  • Invoicing and Billing –
    Billing and invoicing your clients can be a real hassle sometimes. Avoid the hassle by automating this process entirely, and potentially get paid even fast than when your business was doing the process manually! Set up a time and date for the invoice, and it’s sent off at said time. Super easy, and super simple.
  • Sorting and Responding to Emails
    Automation regarding emails will allow you to remove those pesky spam emails, or newsletters that may not necessarily be relevant to your business anymore. Not to mention, these pieces of automation software allow for more features such as automated email response, and much more. According to an Adobe survey, many small businesses spend around 5 hours a day looking through email; that’s 3 on the business email, and 2 on the personal! Save some of that time and automate emails.
  • Backing Up Data
    Losing data can be a real hurtful blow to your business. Backing up data can also be a real hassle. Save the time and effort required by setting up automated data backups so you don’t have to start it! Never lose your business’ precious data ever again with automatic data backups!

How Much Time Can Be Saved with Task Automation

Time is a very valuable asset to any person or business. Multiple hours a day can be saved by simply automating simple, repetitive tasks that a program can handle. Think about it this way. If you save 3 hours a day by automating email, that’s saving 21 hours a week, which in turn is 64 hours a month, which is 768 hours a year! That’s 32 days worth of work, you saved just by automating some email each day. Saving your business those 32 days allows you to focus on revenue focused activities, rather than the mundane, repetitive ones that are a massive time sink.

Task automation can be a very tricky subject. It can be costly, but at the same time, save a bunch of costs. Determining if it is worth it is ultimately up to the business. However, it most cases, it is worth the monetary investment it provides. Automating parts of your business every single day will save you more time for making revenue with clients, customers, and more. Not only saving yourself time, but your employees, and possibly consumers as well. After all, the last thing a consumer as well as yourself wants to do is waste precious, and valuable time. After all, Time is money.

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