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Organizing important meetings with potential and existing clients can be a real hassle. The constant e-mail chains, the back and forth, the phone tag, you name it. Did you know that you and your business could save around 15 days worth of time doing administration by just automating the booking process? Its really as simple as using a site such as or calendly. All you must do is sign up!

I’ve Signed Up. What Does this Do for my Business?

Websites such as operate with companies such as Microsoft and google to integrate their automatic booking system with their respective calendars. For instance, say your business uses google calendar and manually enters in meetings now. With cal, you can implement an automation process that allows for your clients to book online and automatically add it to your calendar. This not only avoids conflicts in your schedule but allows for easy rescheduling as well!

How does it Save My Business Time?

Ultimately, automation will save you time. Not only is it simple for your client to book via a website instead of an email chain, its simpler for you. Waiting for emails or procuring them in a professional manner can be time consuming. On average, business spend approximately 15 days per year writing emails and taking calls regarding meetings. An automation application such as cal or calendly can potentially reduce this number down to less than day! This could mean 15 days of doing something more important for your business than simple administration tasks! After all, time is money.

How Much Will This Cost My Business?

Nothing! At least initially. Websites such as offer free and flexible plans for any business or freelancer. This free plan also includes integration with google calendar, a free suite for your business s on the web. Operating a business has never been simpler on the age of the internet, its just a matter of what steps your business is willing to take to save time, as well as money. There is no clear cut “best” application out there, so use the one that suits your business’ needs for the right price point.

Automation as a Whole

Computer automation has been constantly evolving to the point where it can save quite possibly months of time for your business if you’re willing to put forward the resources to do so. It all depends on what your business needs, and if its worth automating. Something such as for many businesses is worth just trying for free, as well, it doesn’t cost anything to the business to begin. If you like it afterwards, consider paying for it for more perks. If you would like to read more about computer automation, see our blog post about it!

Important meetings can be a pain to schedule and organize. Sites such as Calendly help with this problem with google calendar and outlook calendar integration. Not to mention they work directly with companies such as zoom, so your client has what they need to just connect and make it work. Not only will automation make your clients happier, but it will also save you around 15 whole days out of the calendar year! These 15 days can be put towards something else more meaningful to your business or something that requires your attention a bit more. The cost of all this is simple. It can vary, but it starts at free! Cannot go wrong with something that costed your business absolutely nothing in the first place. Lastly, automation as a whole is evolving and computers and machinery are constantly growing.

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