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A platform perceived as only being used by gamers, Discord is looking to put itself into the business world with many useful features. Originally being created in 2015 as a voice communication software for gamers, it is now marketing itself otherwise, and could be applied to your business! Setup is simple and intuitive and allows for your business to talk directly with customers, employees, etc. with a click of a button! Discord is not a platform solely used by gamers. Find out why below!

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Communication is Key!

Succeeding in the business world is all about communication. Communicating with investors, a customer, or colleagues is key to achieving success. Whether it be getting the initial investment, securing a sale, or completing a task, it all requires communication. This is where Discord comes in as a service applicable to your business. Discord can be used in a variety of ways. However, the most useful way is likely creating a public venue for your customers to discuss your product and contact you or your support agents directly in an easy manner. Having a solid foundation of communication is key, all the way down to the customer. Without communication, there is no sale, as stated earlier. Discord can alleviate or solve this issue simply, with a bit of time dedicated to it.

Free Advertising!

Not only is Discord fantastic for communication, as well as other reasons, but it also provides your business with a free way to advertise! Whether a user that has joined your group, server, or community via Discord is interested, or already a customer, your marketing team can easily expose them to a new, old, or upcoming product in the pipeline. All it takes is one announcement, or ping, as users call it, and everyone on the server is notified that wants to be. Not only is it a great way to grab attention, but it is also a fantastic means of getting what you want said out there. Sometimes the best way to market is to spread with word of mouth, and Discord will do that for you for free simply by having a community for your business.

Community Building

Like other social platforms, Discord is phenomenal for community building. Competitors to the platform such as Facebook in many gamer’s eyes does not stand in comparison to Discord. Easy to use, and just complicated enough techies like it, it has never been easier to build a broad community online. With text channel feeds, group chats, video chats, online event creation, and more, building a community is simple, yet an effective way to boost your business to the next level. Building a rapport with the customer is always number one many entrepreneurs say. Discord will allow for this very simply by making the server public, and advertising it online. You could even advertise it at your physical location, and have people join that way. Maybe hold a contest, and just watch it grow!

Discord is commonly used by gamers, but also has a business use as well. Not only does it allow for easy communication and ease of access to the consumer, but it also allows for communication between colleagues and employees. Discord also is a means of providing free advertising in a non-tradition sense. Get your product in front of thousands of user’s eyes simply with a message and a ping. Building a community, it a topic we at Astro Tech really care about, and is a topic we’ve covered previously (See Facebook groups article). A consumer is not just a consumer; they are a person as well! Knowing this and building a community from the ground up shows the consumer that you care about them. After all, your customers make your business a reality, and you should treat them as such!

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